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Use Google Search Files On Badongo

Badongo is a free file hosting site that allows users to upload large files (photos, videos, music, etc.) to send to friends, family and colleagues. It offers free and premium member, people like use it for store files (photos, videos, music), every file has individual track, if you like you can use Google to search many public files, maybe you can find many treasures there. It is very simple to do that, just copy words below, and paste onto Google search bar or direct click it.

To look for music files, use this: mp3|wma|ogg

For a specific artist, include the artist's name (John): mp3|wma|ogg gorillaz

For a specific song, include the song name (love you): mp3|wma|ogg "love you"

For video files, use this: asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv

For eBooks, use: pdf|lit|doc

For archives, use: rar|zip|exe

This way is useful but as my opinion that like blind when you download a file, I mean many files do not have real name, before you download them you never know what they are.


音乐文件: mp3|wma|ogg

特别的音乐家或歌手,包括名字(John): mp3|wma|ogg gorillaz

特别的歌曲,包括名字(love you): mp3|wma|ogg "love you"

视频: asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv

电子书: pdf|lit|doc

文档: rar|zip|exe


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