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Create Your Animation Image Online

I like web tools that can help you do something without download software, and it is a best way to try new things. I think you know many online image editors, this time I like introduce Picasion to you, that can help you to make GIF animation image. As many online tools it is really simple, upload some pictures, choose size and speed, click "Create Animation". That is all. You can import pictures from Flickr, Pisaca if you have account there. After you made new animation you can copy and paste code onto other site such as Myspace, Facebook.

Create animation

我喜欢那些在线网络工具,他们可以让你制作一些东西或做一些事而不用下载软件。这也是一个非常好的方法去尝试新的东西。我想你一定知道一些在线图片编辑工具,这次我要介绍的是Picasion,它可以帮助你制作动画式的图片。与很多在线工具一样,它的过程非常简单。上传一些图片、选择尺寸和速度,然后点击"Create Animation (建立动画)"即可。如果你是Flickr,或Pisaca用户的话也可以导入那里的图片。当你制作完成后还可以拷贝和粘贴到其他的网站上如Myspace, Facebook

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