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Daftdoggy, Save Browse Session

Daftdoggy is a web service that allows you to save, play back and share web browsing sessions. After you registered you can put a web address what you want surf on its browser bar, click "go", it will take you to that website as normal browser do. What is difference? Daftdoggy help you save it, so you can play back to see this website. Only thing you have to do is click "Save Session" button if you want recording. It seems another kind bookmark, but it not only capture main page and also do other page while you browse. You can put more describe site such as tag for every pages. After you saved, you can send a link to other people who can play back. It looks cool.
You can see this link below, and to know how does it work.
Living Online
Daftdoggy是一个网络服务网站,它可以让你保存、回放和分享你的网络浏览片断。在你注册后,你可以将想要浏览的网址输入它的地址条中,点“go”,它会如同一般普通浏览器那样带你去该网站。不同的是,Daftdoggy会帮助你保存它的路径,所以你可以回放这些片断。唯一你需要做的是,不要忘记点击“Save Session”按钮。它看上去好像是另一种书签,但并不仅仅抓取首页,而是你浏览的每个页面。你可以为每个网页加入具体描述如标签。在你保存后,还可以将链接发给他人分享。它看上去有点酷。

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