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Fring, VoIP For Your Cellphone

Fring is a free mobile VoIP software, that allows you to talk & live chat via your handset's internet connection to other mobile phones and PC-based services such as Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP and Twitter without extra free. The nice point is it uses free Wi-Fi or your 3G or GPRS internet data plan instead of costly mobile airtime minutes, so you can save money while you use your cellphone access internet. Only one thing you need be careful, that is you need make sure which cellphone you use, and download right version software for it. I do not have these kind cellphone so I can not say anything about it.

Fring是一个专为移动电话所设计的软件,它可以让你通过你的移动电话上网与别的移动用户或与电脑上使用即时通讯的用户通话和聊天,如Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP and Twitter等,而这一切都不需要额外的费用。一个非常不错的特点是它使用免费Wi-Fi无线接入或你的3G和GPRS网络计划,这样就不必担心高额的移动通讯费用,在你使用移动电话接入英特网时可以节省费用。同时也有一个地方你需要注意,你必须知道你的移动电话的型号,在下载软件时必须对号入座。我并没有那些型号的移动电话,所以我并不能对它做什么评论。

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