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Use Tag To Search Flickr

Airtight Interactive is a personal showcase site, that developed a picture search tool on Flicke: Flickr Related Tag Browser. It is a flash based site that allows you use tag to search photos with Flicke. The interesting point is when you put a tag on search bar, click "Go" that will show you a thumbnail and some related tags around the it like a circle. Move mouse on thumbnail that shows you little bigger photos. Click single photo you can see single one beside thumbnail, and you can go to Flicke to see original information. If you like you can click related taps. It is a useful tool for someone who interest photos with Flicke.

Airtight Interactive是一个个人展示网站,它开发了一个工具来搜索Flicke上的图片:Flickr Related Tag Browser。这是一个基于flash的网站,它可以让你可以使用标签来搜索图片。有意思的重点是当你在搜索条上输入一个标签点击"Go"后,它会显示出一个缩图,并且有一些相关的标签围绕着它。移动鼠标到缩图上后,它会显示比较大的图片。点击单个图片,它会在缩图边显示一个单个图片,你也可以直接到Flicke上查看更多源信息。如果你喜欢的话,也可以点击相关的标签。这对那些喜欢Flicke的用户来说这是一个有用的图片搜索工具。

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