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Iheard, Search Internet Radio

Do you like listen to internet radio? How can you find your interesting radio around the world? Iheard is a search engine for search internet radio, that provides an easy way to use search interface and directory with thousands of stations organized by genre, country and language. It supports streaming formats that depends on the station that includes RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Winamp and iTunes. You can listen them with Iheard, or click a link go to station site. I check Chinese radio by language, unfortunately it just has 8 stations that includes mainland China, Taiwan, UK, Australia, and Singapore . I knew many internet radios online that speak Chinese, but Iheard just collects a few. If you like listen to radio by English that be a big choice.

你喜欢听网络电台吗?你如何发现一些你感兴趣的电台?Iheard是一个搜索引擎,它专门搜索网络电台,提供一个简单的方法使用搜索界面和指南让你容易地通过类别、国家和语言来搜索电台。它支持流媒体格式,这取决于电台使用的格式,包括RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Winamp and iTunes。你可以当场收听,或点击链接到电台的网站上收听。我检查了中文电台,上面只有8个电台包括中国大陆、台湾、英国、澳洲和新加坡。据我所知,网络上有很多中文电台,但很遗憾Iheard只收录了很小一部分。如果你享受听英文电台的话,选择的空间就非常大。

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