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Organize Your Clothing

Fashion Mash is an interesting site that provides online tools to help people organize their wardrobe into outfits, get feedback from their friends on their combinations, and explore new looks. You can upload your clothing pictures to this site, connect to your friends and get their suggestions for your clothing outfits. Of cause, you can watch other people's clothing, and exchange opinions. It seems an online community.

Fashion Mash是一个有趣的网站,它提供在线工具来帮助人们整理他们的衣柜以便于配备。同时还可以从朋友那里得到建议,当然还可以发现新的新的服饰。你可以上传你的衣服的照片,连接你的朋友或他人,他们会给你一些如何配备的建议。当然你也可以查看别人的服饰照片,交换看法。它看上去像一个在线社区。

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