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Waste Your Time With A Black Game

I think many people nothing to do so they get online to find something fun, that is why some social network communities are so popular, such as Myspace, Youtube. But some people are also nothing to do online, so maybe this website is good for them. File Swap is a strange site that give you a black box that you never know what is before you got. It like a game, you upload one file ( picture, text file, audio ) to File Swap, and you can download one file free. Sounds like an exchange deal, but you will get nothing ( actually you got something you do not want ). File Swap called fun site, but I do not know what is fun with this game? It is waste time.

我知道很多人无事可做才上网找乐子,这也是为何一些社会性网络社区那么受欢迎,如Myspace, Youtube等。但有些人即使在网上也无事可做,也许这个网站非常适合他们。File Swap是一个奇怪的网站,它给你一个黑匣子,在你得到东西前永远也不会知道那是什么。它好像是一个游戏,你上传一个文件(图片、文字文件、音频文件)到File Swap上,你可以免费下载一个文件。听上去像一个交换生意,但在你得到的并不是你想要的东西。File Swap声称它是一个有趣的网站,但我不太明白它有趣在什么地方,这只是在浪费时间而已。

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