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Face Research, Face Re-Maker

People want themselves look pretty, that is why lot of people love super movie star. You can find pretty girls or handsome men everywhere, if you can take their attractive faces put on one person what will it happening? Face Research is a this kind website that lets you create an average face from different faces. It is really fun. If I want make a nice looking person I can take some my favorite faces together, then it helps me create a very attractive face. Look this pictures below, you want make friend with them? Buy a cup of coffee, I can introduce them to you.

人们总是喜欢漂亮,这也是为何很多人喜欢超级电影明星。你可以在任何地方发现不少漂亮的女人和英俊的男人,如果你能将他们的脸合成在一起的话会是什么样子?Face Research就是这样一个网站,它能让你取之多人的脸型来创造出一个非常吸引人的平均脸。看看上面照片,你想和他们交朋友吗?送我一杯咖啡我就能将他们介绍给你。

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