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360Desktop, A Panoramic Desktop Platform

360Desktop is a company that based on Australia, it launched a new desk platform that called "panoramic desktop platform". 360Desktop extends the Windows desktop into a panoramic workspace, you can organize your existing desktop content such as some applications, shortcuts, files, and you can add some web 2.0 stuff, such as videos, RSS feeds, slideshows or widgets on its 360 degree desktop platform. It is a dynamic desktop, gives you more space to your desktop, you can start your applications or videos on the desktop. It is a virtually unlimited desktop and also it looks very cool. 360Desktop is not really open to public, so I can not check it more detail, but it is really interesting. You can see video below.

360Desktop是一个澳大利亚公司,它运转一个称为“全景桌面平台”。360Desktop可以将Windows桌面扩展为一个全景工作环境,你可以管理现有的桌面组件如一些运用程式,快捷键、文件等,也可以添加新的web 2.0组件如视频、RSS feed、slideshows或widget到它的360度桌面平台。它是一个动态的桌面,给与你更大的桌面空间。它也是一个虚拟的没有限制的桌面,看上去非常酷。360Desktop还没有完全对外开放,所以我并不能仔细查看它的细节,不过它的确很有意思。你可以看一下上面的视频介绍。

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