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A Nice Google Searching Tool

Google is a very good search engine, but most people just use simple way to search something such as keywords. Actually, Google search has more choices for search, you can use some special letters, symbols, and sentences to search photos, videos, audio, applications. But that should be too hard to do for normal people, maybe Google Hacks can help you to easy search something. Do not worry about its name, it is a normal Google searching tool, you can put any keywords to search music, videos, photos, documents, applications, and other specific search. It is a useful search tool, simple to use it without any searching skill.

Google是一个非常好的搜索引擎,但大多数人只会用它作为简单的搜索,如使用关键词。其实,Google有很多搜索方式,你可以使用一些字母、符号、或句子来搜索图片、视频、音频、软件。但这对一般人来说比较困难,Google Hacks也许可以帮助你将搜索变成简单。不用担心它的名字,Google Hacks只是一个普通的Google搜索工具,你可以输入任何关键词来搜索图片、视频、音频、软件等等。这是一个非常实用的工具,使用简单并不需要任何搜索技巧。

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