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Facial Recognition Login In Your Computer

Have you heard about facial recognition login with your computer? Banana Security offers a software that can recognize your face and lock your computer if you left. Sounds great. How does it work? You need download a software from Banana Security, and use your webcam, it can build a statistical representation of face and does stores it in binary format for execution and detection. you can set up Banana Screen to lock after a predefined amount of inactivity, while the screen locked Banana Screen will keep an eye on faces coming and going in front of the camera. When your face matched it can unlocks your computer. Banana Security only for Windows system operation. I think it is very good for works with office's computer or laptop, but I am not sure it works well or not.

Update: Banana Security is rename to Lemon Screen.

你听说过用面部辨认来登陆你的电脑?Banana Security提供一个可以辨认你的面部特征的软件,它可以在你离开电脑后锁住或在返回时解开电脑。听上去非常不错!它如何工作的?首先你需要在该网站上下载一个软件,然后使用你的电脑摄影探头,它可以建立一个你的面部数据并用二进位格式储存起来,它可以执行和侦测面部信息。你可以设定锁住和解开数据以便于你离开电脑和返回时执行。当屏幕被锁住后,Banana Screen会在脸上保留一只眼睛。当你的面部数据吻合时它会自动解开。Banana Security只适用Windows操作系统。我想这非常适合办公室里的电脑或便携式电脑,但我并不知道它是否能很好地起作用。

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