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Free Covert Text Into MP3

Spokentext is an online service that converts all the text into voice, that means it can read your text file. It supports PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, RSS news feeds, emails and web pages, and automatic converts them into MP3 file. You can download it, or just play it online with its player. The sweet thing is it offers a Firefox extension, that allows you record and listen any text content while you surfing online. If you like you can apply an individual web page, that stores your audio files and you can play them. It is pretty cool. The reader is a robot but sounds OK, you can pick male or female reader. Free for register.

Spokentext 是一个在线服务网站,它可以将文字转换成音频文件,也就是说它可以读出来。它支持不同文件如PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint文件, RSS feeds,电子邮件和网页,并自动转换成MP3文件。你可以下载该文件,也可以使用它的播放器在线播放。最贴心的是它还提供一个Firefox扩展件,这样你可以在网络冲浪时录制和收听文字内容。如果你愿意的话还可以申请一个单独的网页,它储存你的文件并可以播放他们。非常酷。读者是一个机器人,但听上去还可以,你还可以选择男声或女声发音。该服务免费注册使用。遗憾的是它不支持中文。

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