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Online Backup Unlimited

Internet is not safe, hack, virus, spyware, spam, and so on. You never know something will happen, so we want backup our data. We have some choices to backup our files, store in an external hard drive or flash drives, burn on disks (CD or DVD). You can also backup your file via internet, upload your files to online storage, synchronize file to a web server. We have another way to backup files with Zoogmo, that creates a new way to backup files on an online network community. What is online backup community? You can create a personal network with some people who you trusted (your family members, close friends, your co-worker). Then, use Zoogmo to backup your files in these guys' computers, they also can backup their files in your PC either. First of all, you need an online network; secondly, you must have internet access. After that, you can download a software from Zoogmo, it will automatic backup your files. Do not worry about security, your files will be encrypted before they leave your computer, so nobody know what that files are, even your partners do not know that. Another good point is no limited space to store your files. Sounds good? You can try it if you like.


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