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Online PDF File Reader

Sometimes you need find some documents online for download or fill it if you want do e-paper work, like fill an application for a job, submit a government form. Usually, they use PDF format, and you need download Adobe Reader to read them if you do not have. Now, you have another choice. PDFescape is a new way to open PDF files online. It allows you to open your PDF files right online without downloading or installing any software. With PDFescape, you can fill in PDF forms, add text and graphics, add links, and even add new form fields to a PDF file. It is a free service, but you need register before use it.

有时候你需要在网络上发现一些文件,如使用一个表格来申请一份工作,递交一份政府表格,如果你要用电子表格和文件时,你需要下载Adobe Reader,因为有不少文件是PDF格式。现在,你有另一个选择。PDFescape是一个能在线打开PDF格式文件的服务网站,它可以让你不用下载Adobe Reader或任何软件就可以浏览PDF格式文件,用PDFescape可以填入表格,添加图片和文字及链接。这是一个免费在线工具,不过要注册才能使用它。

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