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Stock Xchng, An Online Community For Image Lovers

Sometimes I need some images for my blog, I know I can search images with search engines but they will give too much results. Stock Xchng is an online exchange image community, that stores more than 250.000 photos with 1.000.000 registered users. If you want looking for some images maybe that is good choice. You can browse different photos by sort, from big resolution to normal size to fit your website. If you have nice photos you can exchange them with other users. For online community, Stock Xchng has a forum lets users to chat, and post messages. If you like some photos you can download as register a user.

有时候我需要为我的blog寻找一些图片,我知道我可以通过一些搜索引擎来搜索图片,但他们给我的结果太庞大。Stock Xchng是一个图片交换社区,它储存了超过25万张图片和1百万人次的注册用户。如果你要寻找图片的话它也许是一个好地方。你可以用它的分类来浏览不同的图片,从高解析度到适合一般网站的普通尺寸。如果你有不错的图片,也可以与其他的用户交换。作为一个在线社区,Stock Xchng有一个论坛可以让用户们交流。如果你喜欢一些图片的话,可以注册后下载。

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