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Sandy, An Email Assistant

I Want Sandy is an email based assistant who can remind you something via email. Sandy, who is your email assistant, after you registered she will send an email to you.

I'm Sandy -- thank you for bringing me on as your personal email assistant. My job is to help you use email more productively to keep track of life's daily details.

Sweet! It will create a new email address for you, that for you contact Your assistant Sandy. If you want Sandy remind you something you can send an email to that new address with something (example: Remind me to check out ... in 5 minutes). After you active your account, you can make settings. Pretty easy to use, and also have fun.

I Want Sandy是一个基于电子邮件的助手,它提供电子邮件提醒服务。Sandy,你的邮件助手,在你注册后她会发一封邮件给你:


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