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An Online List Of File Extensions

Sometimes we have some troubles to open some files with strange extension, I had this experience that I did not know what that file is. Usually, I will search this extension online to find how to open or what that is. File Extensions is a website that collects a big data list of file extension. If you come across a file in your computer with an unknown file extension, you can look up the information about desired file extension and its file associations using on File Extensions. You can use search bar or click letter by first letter of file. It is easy to find something which you wanted. Now, you will easy to know what program you need use to open an unknown extension of file.

有时候我们无法打开一些带有不知名的后缀的文件,我就由这方面的经验,我不知道该文件的关联软件是什么。通常,我会在网络上搜索去了解它是什么文件和如何打开它。File Extensions是一个收集文件扩展的网站,它由一个非常大的数据库可以提供查找。如果你的电脑中有不知名的后缀文件并想寻找打开它的关联软件的话可以在这个网站上搜索。你可以使用它的搜索条,也可以以该文件后缀的第一个字母直接点击字母查找。现在,你可以比较容易地发现你想要得到的文件关联信息,并找到打开它的关联软件。

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