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Self-Destroy Email Site For Sale

Will Self Destruct offers a special web based service that allows you send anonymous email, and you can set view times or days, after that time the email will self-destroy. Another feature is self-destroy web page, that web page is limited time alive. I think this is an interesting web service, but according to its website says, Will Self Destruct is for sale. Do it destroy itself? I do not know, hope it will be alive.

Will Self Destruct提供一个特殊的在线服务,它可以让发送匿名邮件,不仅如此,它还可以让你设定一个时间表(邮件阅读次数或时间限制),在次之后它会自行消失。另一个功能是自我毁灭网页,它可以让你建立一个网页,设定时间表,然后自行消失。我想这是一个不错的服务,可惜,据该网站说它现在正在出售中。难道它也要自行毁灭?我不知道,希望它不会自行消失。

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