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How To Track Your Holiday Packge

It is a holiday season so many people order some gifts from website. After you paid money you want know how to know where your package is, how long you can get it. Actually, many websites gave you a track number which connect mail package delivery company, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS. So you can track your package on its company website. But it also has some different way track your package, it is more convenience.

Package Mapping is a nice site for package tracking, it is a One Site Track Four delivery companies. It is very easy to track your package with Google Maps, you can see where your package is. It is a useful web tool.

Track The Pack is another package tracking site, it also lets you track your package with main mail package delivery companies. The interface is very simple, just input your track number, click track bar. It will show you some information of your package. That is cool.

这是一个假日季节,很多会在网上购物,当然在你付完钱后总想知道你定购的礼物在何处,什么时候递送。事实上,一些主要的邮件递送公司的网站上都有专门的网页来追踪货物,如:UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS,所以你可以知道你的东西在何处。不过还可以适用另一种方式来追踪你的东西,它也许更方便。

Package Mapping是一个不错的邮递货物追踪网站,它是一个4合1的邮递公司追踪系统,它还用Google地图来显示递送路线图。是一个非常实用的网络工具。

Track The Pack是另一个邮递货物追踪网站,也能追踪不同的邮递公司的服务。它的界面比较简单,只要输入追踪号码,点击“追踪”即可。非常不错的网络服务。

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