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TV Lesson, A Learning World

You know internet is a big stage, and it also is a big class which place you can learn a lot from. TV Lesson is this kind of place on internet, it called itself a largest lesson in the world. It has different channels, each lesson has individual video. Of course, TV Lesson is an online community, so after registered you can upload your lesson (video), and post comments. I think it just make fun, some videos are really not help any more, but some are great. I like Language Lessons channel.

你知道英特网是一个大舞台,它也是一个大课堂你可以从那里学到很多东西。TV Lesson便是这样一个网站,它自称自己为世界上最大的一节课。它有一些不同的频道,每堂课都有独立的视频。当然,它是一个在线社区,所以在你注册后就可以上传你自己的课(视频),和发表评论。我想这只是在找乐,有一些视频根本对你没有什么帮助,但有些则非常不错。我喜欢语言课频道。

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