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What Is Linutop?

What is Linutop? The Linutop is a small Linux PC, it is not a laptop, it is a desktop but much smaller than regular one. Actually, it looks like a small light weight box with some input and output ports. It can be connect to a monitor, mouse, keyboard as a regular desktop. It runs a customised-version of xubuntu Linux, comes with a 1GB Silicon Power USB key, that means it does not has a hard drive in that small box. You can see its specification below:

• Processor: AMD Geode LX700 (x86)
• Memory RAM: 256 MB
• 4x USB 2.0 ports
• Audio in & out
• Network: 10/100baseT Ethernet (RJ-45)
• Video: VGA output (SUB-D15)
• Size: 9.3 x 2.7 x 15 cm (3.66x1.06x5.9 in)
• Aluminum Case
• Power: DC in 9V - 1,5A (5W)
• Voltage Range: DC in 9V - 16V
• Operating temperature 10°-40°C
• Operating humidity 10%-90%
• Weight: 280 gr (9.9 oz)

• Only external: Linutop comes with a 1 GB USB key containing the operating system and softwares.

• Firefox (Web browser)
• Flash Player (SFW player)
• GAIM (Instant Messaging)
• AbiWord (Word Processor)
• VLC Media player
• Calculator
• Onscreen Keyboard
• Thunar (File manager)
• Calendar

It looks nice, but I don't think it has a big market in the future, that cause it has some disadvantages: running Linux (most people use Windows), no hard drive (only use external advice), no monitor (laptop is more convenience), price (280 Euro is too expensive).

什么是Linutop?它是一个迷你Linux电脑,它不是手提电脑,而是一个台式电脑,只不过比一般的台式电脑要小的多。实际上,它看上去就像一个有一些输入和输出接口的小盒子。它可以像一般电脑一样被连接到电脑显示器、鼠标和键盘。它运转的是客户化的基于Linux系统的xubuntu,并附有一个1GB Silicon Power的USB键,该键可以无需设置就可以自动运转系统。这也意味着它没有硬盘,你可以查看上面有关它的数据。


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