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Amaztype, Search Books Make Fun

If you want buy a book how will you first? Yes, you can search that book online, maybe use Google? or direct to amazon. Now you can use Amaztype, it is fun. Actually, it uses amazon search engine, but much more fun. It based flash interface, after you type a book title or author, and start search, it will show you book covers, you can click book to read more detail including book name, author, price, average rate. It is really cool. You can use it to search music, CD, DVD either.

如果你要买一本书的话第一步会做什么?当然,你可以在网络上搜索,也许是Google? 或直接到amazon。现在你还可以使用Amaztype来搜索。事实上,它使用的是amazon搜索引擎内核,但比原引擎更有趣。它基于flash界面,在你输入书名或作者开始搜索后,它会不断地显示书的封面,你可以点击封面来了解详细内容,如书名、作者、价格、平均分值。它的确很酷。你还可以用它来搜索音乐、CD、DVD。

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