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AskMeNow, Answer Your Question In SMS

Ask Me Now offers an answer service for cellphone users, that allows you use cellphone to send short message to A-S-K-M-E (27563), it will send an answer message back to you. You can ask a lot of questions with more information, such as address, phone number, sport game scores, 3-day weather forcast, news, movie theater times, stock, and so on. It is pretty simple if you have a cellphone, its service is free. Of course, that service only for US.
Another good point is, if you have iPhone or Smart phone it offers application for your cellphone, you can download it and easy to ask question.

Ask Me Now为移动电话用户提供一个回答服务,它让你使用移动电话来发送短消息给A-S-K-M-E (27563),它会返回一个回答短信给你。你可以询问不少类型的问题,如地址、电话号码、体育比赛得分、三天的天气预报、新闻、电影剧院时间表、股市行情等等。如果你有移动电话的话使用它非常简单,该服务是免费的。当然它只对美国用户适用。
另一个不错的特点是,如果你有iPhone或Smart phone它提供一个程序,你可以下载,这样就非常方便询问问题。

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