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Online Make A Split Screen Video

Sometime you can find some very fun stuff online, internet makes a lot of things are easy and quick. Tjoon is a fun website that helps you create a video with four screens, it called split screen video. It looks like a TV wall that we can see in electricity store, or in TV station. I have never think about that before I saw it, it is a very smart idea. Tjoon is an online video maker, so you do not need download any software, just use your webcam. Acually, it does not use any new technology, just separate record your videos, after that, merge all in one video screen for playing. I think you can create a story that happening same time in different places, such as different rooms. I saw a video that show a guy singing same song but use different tones, sounds like a group singing. Tjoon gives you more opportunities to create your unique video, or let other people join it. Yes, you can make one video, and invite friends make other each one. I think it should be fun.


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