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Convert Email To Text Message Into Your Cellphone

Do you have a cellphone? Does your cellphone can surfing online? I have a cellphone but that is old fashion regular one, it can not access internet so I can not use it to send or received email. But I can use Teleflip service to send or received email, that is magic. What is that magic service? Well, let me tell you now. Teleflip offers a free service that convert your email to text message to your cellphone. It supports any kind of email servers, POP3, IMAP4, Webmail or Exchange Server. It is very simple to use, just tell it your email address and cellphone number, waiting for verify email account and cellphone number, type your contacts those emails you want display on your cellphone, All done. So your cellphone will show you when someone send email to you. You can reply email to sender with your cellphone, the recipient will receive an email from you as a regular email. Sounds cool! But this service only for US and Canada.

你有移动电话吗?你的移动电话能上网吗?我有一部移动电话但它是那种老式的并不能上网,所以我不能使用它来收发电子邮件。不过现在我可以用Teleflip的免费服务来达到这个目的,这真不可想象。为什么?现在让我来告诉你。Teleflip提供一个免费的转换服务,它可将电子邮件转换为普通移动电话所使用的短信发送到你的移动电话中。它支持各种类型的邮件服务器:POP3, IMAP4, Webmail,或Exchange Server。他非常容易使用,只要提供你的电子邮件地址、移动电话号码,然后等待验证电话和邮件,输入你要接收的联系人。这样当有人发送邮件给你的时候它会出现在你的移动电话上。你也可以用短信回复邮件,收件人收到的邮件如同普通电子邮件一样。听上去非常不错。不过这个服务只限于美国和加拿大。

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