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Do Not Believe Satellite TV For PC

Have you heard about Satellite TV for PC? A software that lets you watch satellite TV on your PC for free, but that software cost verity prices from $30 to $90. Sounds very good, but wait a minute, do you think that is true? I was really interesting about that subject, but I doubt that is a scam. Recently, I read an article from Ask Bob Rankin, he post a nice review that talk about Satellite TV for PC. He says that software just search some free online internet TV channels, and you get a lot of websites they offer free online TV channels for free. So to buy this kind of software just waste your money. I do not want buy it but I am really interesting about that, so I still search this subject online, and also found a post on eBay Forums, more people say that is a scam. I know internet has some tricks, you never know what will happen. I try to find a similar this kind of program, I downloaded and tried. The result is negative,the software offers a lof of channels but they all are free one, and many channel do not working anymore. Actually, I have a free software - TVU Player that lets me to watch some TV channels, it much better than that commercial software what I mentioned. I do not want post link to Satellite TV for PC, but you can see a screenshot below, so you will know what it look like.

你听说过Satellite TV for PC吗?一个自称可以让你免费用电脑来收看卫星电视的软件,但该软件却在网站上销售不同的价格,从30美元到90美元不等。听上去非常不错,但你能相信它吗?我对它非常感兴趣但怀疑它是一个骗局。近来我在Ask Bob Rankin上读到一篇文章谈论这个主题。他说该软件只能接收一些免费的网络电视频道,而这些频道完全可以在网络上免费收看。所以去购买这个软件等于在浪费金钱。我不想购买这个软件,但我的确对这个主题很感兴趣,于是我又在网上搜索了一下。有人在eBay论坛上发了帖子谈论这个软件,大部分人都说是骗局。我知道网络上有一些陷阱,你并不知道会发生什么。我试图去找一个类似的商业软件,我下载了并试用了,结果是负面的。它就是搜索那些网络上的免费电视频道,有些还无法连接。事实上,我使用一个免费软件来收看一些电视节目,它比那些上面提到的收费软件要好得多。我不想链接这个Satellite TV for PC,不过你可以在截图上看到该网站的样子。

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