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Hide Your Drive In Your PC

Sometimes we need hide something in PC. Yes, if we have some important data or we do not want other people who use your PC to look at your files we can hide them. Also, we can hide drive if your PC has several drives. Actually, it is easy to do that in Windows XP.

Follow these steps:

* Go to "Start", "Run", and type diskpart
* A DOS window will appear, you can type list volume on its screen.
* It will show you volume, drive letters and other information on screen. You can pick drive's volume. For example, in this case you want to hide drive C, then type select volume 2
* last step is type remove letter C

After that, you need reboot your PC. You can look at this picture below.

Do not worry, everything are still in your PC. If you want to diaplay this drive again, that also easy to do. Just a little bit change on last step, type assign letter C. The drive will appear on your PC again after reboot.


* 点“开始”,“运行”,然后在命令栏中输入diskpart
* 一个DOS窗口会出现,你可以在该屏幕中输入list volume
* 它会显示一些如volume, drive盘符等信息。你可以选择盘符所对应的volume。如在这个例子中,如果你想隐藏C盘的话,可输入其对应的volume:select volume 2
* 最后一步是输入remove letter C


别担心,你的数据仍然在你的电脑中。如果你想恢复显示该盘符的话可以在最后的步骤中更改一下,输入assign letter C即可。盘符会在重启后再次显示出来。

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