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Does Your Neighbor Is Good Or Bad?

If you think about you want move to other place you need search new house before you make a decision, after that maybe you need to find who is your neighbors. Rotten Neighbor is a social network that allows users to search data about neighbor's information, as an online community that also allows you to rate and review good and bad neighbor. You need register before you submit your post or rate other's post. It is very easy to search neighbors with Rotten Neighbor, just type house address, it will show you place that based on Google Map with brief message, if you want more detail you can click for checking. I think it is a good idea, but it also has a problem, does this information correct? How can we trust it? This service only for US.

如果你想搬家的话无疑会在作决定前搜索一下新房子,然后也许你想看看谁是你的邻居。Rotten Neighbor是一个社会性网络网站,它让用户搜索有关邻居的信息,如别的在线社区一样,你也可以查看、评论和给信息打分。在递交你的信息前必须先注册。非常容易使用它的搜索,只要输入你的房子的地址即可。它会用一个Google地图附带简短的信息来显示目标,如果你需要更详细的内容可以点击查看。我认为这是一个非常不错的主意,但也有一个问题,这些信息正确吗?我们如何相信它?这个服务仅限于美国。

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