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Online Reading Helper

Zap Reader is a web based speed reading program that will change the way you read on your computer. When I first saw it I thought maybe that is speaker but it is a reading helper, that mean it is a helper that change your reading speed, it plays single or few letters to instead of whole article. Frankly, I do not know what it for. I prefer read whole article that will help me understand context. But maybe some people need it.

Zap Reader 是一个在线速度阅读器,它能改变你的阅读方式。当我第一次看到它时我还以为它是一个发声器可以念给你听,但它不是。它只是一个阅读帮助器,可以改变你阅读速度,它只播放一个或几个文字来替代全部的文章。坦率地说我不知道它有什么用处,我宁愿阅读整个文章,这样可以帮助我了解上下文的意思。不过,也许有些人需要它。

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