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Online Fake ID Generator

Do you use your real ID or fake ID online? How do you register a unknown website if it required your real name, city zip, phone number? If you want register a foreign website that only servers for local resident how can you do? I think maybe you can use a fake ID, but how do you know Denmark's street name, phone number? fake Name Generator can help you to create a fake ID, that included local name, address, phone number, birthday, even credit card and UPS Tracking Number. I don't know what's that for. It seems strange, Fake ID? I don't know if that legal or not, but if you use this fake ID register a website it should be OK. I think it just is a web tool.

当你在网络上的时候是使用真名还是假名?当你在一个不知名的网站上注册,而它需要你的真名、城市编码、电话号码你该如何办?如果你想注册一个外国的网络服务而它仅对本地用户开放时你如何应对?我想你可以使用一个假身份,但是你如何知道丹麦的街道名、电话号码?fake Name Generator能帮助你伪造一个身份,包括:本地名字、地址、电话号码、生日,甚至信用卡号码和UPS邮件追踪号码。我不知道后者做何用处。这似乎有点奇怪,一个假身份。我不知道这是否合法,但如果你用来使用注册一个网站这不会有什么问题。我想这只是一个网络工具而已。

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