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Online Helping Community

You Were Me is an online community that offers a platform for people need or giving help. Like an asking and answer site, you can ask your question, also answer other people's question. You do not need professional skill, just use your experience. Join it is free. If you are interesting about that you can try.

You Were Me是一个在线社区,它提供一个平台让那些需要和愿意帮助的人们相互交流。如一个询问和回答网站,你可以提出问题,也可以回答别人问题。你并不需要特殊的技术,只要使用自己的经验如该网站的名字一样(如果我是你的话)我会如何如何......。注册是免费的。如果你有兴趣的话可以试试。

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