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Use Musiczilla To Download Music From Social Music Sites

Many social music site play music for free listening but not for downloading, such as, IMEEM, Pandora, Myspace, eSnips, if you like these songs and want save them on your computer, how can you do? We know some people use different ways to download music from those sites. Free Musiczilla is a good way to download music from many social music sites, such as, IMEEM, Pandora, Myspace, eSnips. It is a small software that running with most browsers. Very simple to use. While you surfing on social music site, first you need open Free Musiczilla, then play music on that site, the software can grab media file and download. The software is free, but it limited 10 minutes music a day. Free Musiczilla was created by a group which also created a good downloader Orbit Downloader.

很多社会性音乐网站提供免费收听但不能下载,如, IMEEM, Pandora, Myspace, eSnips,如果你喜欢这些音乐并想保存到硬盘上该如何办?我们知道一些人是用不同的方式从这些网站上下载这些音乐,Free Musiczilla提供了一个不错的方法来下载这些音乐,它支持主要的社会性音乐网站如:Last.fmIMEEMPandoraMyspaceeSnips等等。它是一个小软件,可以与主要的浏览器配合使用,非常容易使用。在你浏览这些音乐网站时,首先打开该软件,然后播放该网站上的音乐,该软件会自动抓取多媒体文件并下载。该软件是免费的,但限制下载时间,每天只能下在十分钟。Free Musiczilla的开放小组也开发了一个非常不错的下载器Orbit Downloader

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