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Qik, Turn On YOur Cellphone As Camcorder

Qik is a website that offers a small software for your cellphone, that allows you turn on your cellphone as a camcorder. You can use your cellphone to capture scene anytime, anywhere, and direct to your website such as Facebook, Twitter. Sounds great! But now it only support Nokia S60 phones, and a Data Plan that from your phone service provider. I do not have that kind of cellphone, I can not test it. If you are interesting about it you can go Qik to take look some videos, but I think these video's quality are awful. You can look this video below.

Qik是一个网站,它为移动电话提供一个小软件,该软件可以将移动电话转为一架迷你摄像机,你可以在任何地方、任何时间用它来拍摄一些场景,并直接转发到你的网站中,如Facebook, Twitter。听上去非常不错!但目前为止,它只能支持诺基亚S60系列的电话和来自你的电讯服务商的数据转送计划。我没有这种类型的电话,也不能测试它。如果你对它感兴趣的话可以到Qik上去看看这些视频。不过,我认为他们的画面质量看上去相当糟糕。

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