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Use Kwout To Quote Web Content

I do not know if you know about Kwout, that is a very nice web service which allows you quote any content of web page as a screenshot image. It is really simple to use, just grab Kwout bookmarklet into bookmark tool bar of your favorite browser. While you surf online, and found an interesting picture or article, you can simple click Kwout bookmarklet which you added on your browser before. One bar will appear on the screen, you can use mouse draw a part that you want quoted, and click the "Cut Out" button. After that, that image will save on Kwout's server. You can get a embed code for paste this image onto your blog or website. It is great!
If you are interesting about this service you can try it with its online demo.

我不知道你是否知道Kwout这个网站,它是一个非常不错的网络工具,可以让你引用任何网站内容就像一个截屏图片一样。它非常容易使用,只要将Kwout bookmarklet添加到你的浏览器上的书签工具条上即可。当你浏览网站时一旦发现感兴趣的网页内容(图片或文字)时,可以点击浏览器书签条上的Kwout,它会在屏幕上出现一个小框,用鼠标划出你要引用的区域,然后点击小框中的"Cut Out" 按钮即可。这张图片随即存入Kwout的服务器上。你可以得到一个代码,可以将这张图片粘贴到你的blog或网站上。非常不错!

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