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Use Cellphone To Read Your Favorite Site

Web Alerts is a web tool that lets you use cellphone to read your favorite website or blog in pure text version like sms. It is not use rss feeds as other tool, it just convert web content into text and send to your cellphone when the website update. Just type web address into a bar, click go. You need leave your cellphone number. This service is free, but only for US and Canada. You can see this picture which looks like display on cellphone.

Web Alerts是一个在线网络工具,它可以让你使用移动电话来阅读你喜欢的网站,如同读移动短信那样简单。它并不像其他一些网络工具那样使用rss feeds,而是将网站内容转为纯文字,然后发送到你的移动电话上。每次当网站更新时你就会收到更新内容。只要简单地输入你想要订阅的网站地址,点“go”后,留下你的移动电话号码即可。该网络服务是免费的,不过仅限于美国和加拿大。你可以看看上面的图片,看上去如同这个blog在移动电话上显示的样子。

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