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Watch RAR Video Without Extracting

Do you have this experience which download a video but the file is RAR format, if this is a small size it should be OK, but if it is a big one you need waiting for downloading finished, then extract file onto somewhere in you PC, after that you can play it. I had that experience especially after I watched video I did not like it, that why I thought if a software that can watch unfinished or without extracting video it would be nice. Dziobas Rar Player Portable is amazing media player that allows you preview unfinished download video, play RAR format video without extracting, even you can use it to play corrupted RAR of video. Dziobas Rar Player Portable can play different formats video without download codecs, such as AVI, MPGE, RMVB, OGG, MP3, RAR, MKV, MKA, and so on. It was really surprising me. I think that is a hack media player. If you like you can direct click download it.

Via Raymond.

你是否有这样的经历,下载一个经过压缩的RAR格式的视频文件,如果它是一个小文件也就罢了,如果它是一个大文件的话你必须等到它下载完毕后,然后解压到电脑中的什么地方后才能播放。我就有这样的经验,特别是下载了一个大文件,打开观看后才知道我并不喜欢。这也是我在想如果有一个软件能播放未完全下载,或不用解压也能观看视频这该多好。Dziobas Rar Player Portable是一个难以置信的播放器,它可以让你预览未完成下载的视频,播放RAR格式的视频而不需要解压,甚至可以播放损坏的RAR视频文件。Dziobas Rar Player Portable 可以播放不同格式的视频文件而无需下载解码,如:AVI, MPGE, RMVB, OGG, MP3, RAR, MKV, MKA等等。这让我有点吃惊,我想这是一个黑客式的播放器。如果你喜欢的话可以点击直接下载

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