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EveryBook, Public Data For Three Big Cities

EveryBook is a new site that mash up different kind of servers such as maps, pictures, Craigslist, information and so on. It put some information together that cross some websites, you can search, check local information in three cities: Chicago, New York and San Francisco. The contents including local public information like news, building permits, business reviews, crime reports, liquor license, photos, and restaurant inspections. This is a resource of local area, you can type street address, zip code, neighborhoods, track events in your area. But I do not think that is a nice site that cause it seems too mess, it was hard to find the thing what you wanted. I am really think it need make search simplely and easier to use.

EveryBook是一个新网站,它融合了一些不少网站的服务如:地图、图片、集客和资讯等。它将来自不同网站的信息放在一起,你可以搜索和查看美国三个城市的公共信息:芝加哥, 纽约旧金山。内容包括新闻、建筑许可、商业简介、犯罪报告、酒类执照、图片和餐厅检查。这是一个本地信息资源,你可以输入街道地址、邮政编码或邻近区域名字进行区域事件追踪。但我认为它并不是一个非常好的网站,它看上去太凌乱,很难快速准确地发现你想要的东西。我想它应该将搜索变得更加简单和容易。


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