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Send A Note To Your Email

Note 2 Email offers a simple web service that allows people write down a quick note and send it to your email. If you want write down something while you surfing online you can simple to use it, just type your email address, title, and a note, it has a option that can encrypt your note, after that just click Send it button. It is a useful tool without register required. I think I can use it for bookmark, copy and paste something, and send them to my email inbox.

Note 2 Email提供一个简单的网络服务,它可以让你在浏览网站时快速记下剪贴,然后发送到你的邮箱中。它使用很简单,只要输入你的邮箱地址、标题和剪贴内容即可。它有一个选项可以加密你的剪贴,然后点击Send it。它无需注册就可以理可使用,这是一个实用的网络工具。我想它可以用来作为书签,拷贝和粘贴网络内容发送到自己的邮箱中。

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