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Controlc, Monitor Your Clipboard

Controlc is an interesting application for clip text content online, it monitors your clipboard and automatic to store the data on its server. You need download a tiny application to your hard drive, after that, an icon will appear on system tray, you can sign in your account. If everything is OK, every time when you copied something that will automatic send your account of Controlc. All content that through your clipboard will encrypted. You can choose unencrypted and post to public. I had a little problem when I first test it, I could not store my data in my account. After tried several time it works, but sometimes you do not know some very important data also stored such as password. Even all data are encrypted but I still worry about it. If someone worry about security, you can use right key click icon, pick stop loggin.

Controlc是一个非常感兴趣的文字内容剪贴程式,它监视你的剪贴板并自动储存数据到它的服务器上。你需要下载一个非常小的程式到硬盘中,之后,有一个小图标会出现在系统托盘中。你可以登陆你的账户,如果一切正常的话它就能自动将每次拷贝的东西发送到你的Controlc账户中。所有的数据都被加密,你可以选择不加密并发布。我第一次测试它时遇到一个小问题,它无法储存我的数据。经过几次测试后它可以正常工作了,但是有一个问题让我担心起来,因为不知不觉中你使用剪贴板拷贝的一些重要数据如密码也会被发送到它的服务器上,虽然所有的数据都经过加密但还是让人担心。如果有人担心安全问题的话可以用右键点击小图标,选择stop loggin即可。

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