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Test Software Make Money

Utest is an online community for testing software, that offers a web based testing platform to testers who want join to test new softwares. members can pick companies software for testing, companies offer new softwares for testing, if you found bugs you can get payment, that called Pay Per Bug program. Sounds interesting. I am not a member of Utest, if someone want join it just do register on its website.

Utest是一个在线社区,它提供一个平台来测试软件。人们可以参加这个社区来测试不同公司的新软件,与此同时,软件公司可以提供新软件以供测试者来测试。测试者可以选择不同公司的软件来进行测试,如果你发现软件缺陷的话就可以得到奖金,它被称作Pay Per Bug项目。听上去非常不错。如果你想加入的话可以直接到Utest网站注册。

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