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How To Automatic Logon In Vista

Windows Vista does not like its younger sister Windows XP that gives you a way to set up automatic logon. How can you do that as Windows XP in Vista? Maybe follow steps can help you a little (no 100% guarantee successful):

* Log on with an administrative account.
* In the search box at the bottom of the Start menu, type Control Userpasswords2.
* The UAC dialog box asks for your permission to continue. Click Continue.
* In the list labeled “Users for this Computer” on the Users tab, click your user name.
* Uncheck the box labeled “Users must use a user name and password to use this computer.”
* Click OK.
* The Automatically Log On dialog box appears. Type your user name and type your password twice, then click OK.

Via Windows XP Help

Windows Vista并没有像它的妹妹Windows XP那样有一个方法可以设定自动登陆。那么有没有一种方法在Vista中也能自动登陆?你可以跟随下面的步骤来试试看,也许对你有一点帮助,但并不是百分百有效。

* 用管理员身份登陆
* 在开始菜单的搜索条中输入Control Userpasswords2
* UAC对话框会询问是否要继续,点击Continue(继续)
* 在使用者的小窗中的“Users for this Computer”列表中点你的用户名
* 去掉“Users must use a user name and password to use this computer(用户必须输入一个用户名和密码使用本电脑)”上的勾选
* 点OK
* 一个Automatically Log On(自动登陆)对话框会出现,输入你的用户名和密码两次
* 点OK

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