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Deligoo = Delicious + Google?

Deligoo is an extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer, that helps you to search through your bookmarks. It combines and Google to create a search engine for bookmarks. you can search keywords or a sentence in bookmarks or Google. After you set up Deligoo you can use it which on tool bar of browser. But for me, I do not know what is different between both search engines. Does it little bit convenience? Maybe, I do not know.

Deligoo是一个适用于Firefox 和Internet Explorer的扩展件,它帮助你透过你的Del.icio.us书签来搜索。它组合了 and Google两个引擎来创建一个新的搜索引擎来搜索Del.icio.us书签。你可以搜索两个引擎中的关键词和短句。安装Deligoo后你可以在浏览器的工具条使用它的搜索条。但是对我来说它好像并没有什么特别之处,难道它更便利?我不知道。

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