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One Year Free Use Kaspersky (KAV7.0)

Recently, some software companies are promoting their products that give away product code to users for free. Kaspersky China offers product code that can use Kaspersky (KAV7.0)one year for free. First you need go to Kaspersky Forum (Chinese only) register it, then it will transfer you to another page, you need fill a form that including email , residence and some other simple information. After you done you can get an email which has a conform link, follow this link you will get product code that will active Kapersky while you setup. You will also get another email with product code. All steps are Chinese, if you do not understand Chinese maybe you can check Raymond that has a good instruction for register.
As I know that offering only for residents who live in mainland China even excluded Hong Kong and Taiwan. I tried to apply this free Kapersky code but did not successful at first time. I guess it detect IP address, maybe you need a Chinese IP address if you want register this product. I think it will be hard to register that Chinese forum site if you do not understand Chinese language. If you really want get this code and need help, just leave your email address here, I try to help you to get it.
This promotion will finished at Feb 6.



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