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Iyomu, Another Social Network Site

How many social network sites do we have? Every day we will see new that kind site appear or disappear. I think we have enough social net work site, My Space, Face Book, and many many others. Iyomu is one of them, it offers a free online space for you create your profile, search people who have same interest, communicate with other people, and build your workspace. After you registered, you will received 1GB of free online storage for store your documents, photos, videos, email and music. If you still interesting about social network site you can try.

我们有多少个社会性网络网站?每天都有新的这样的网站出现和旧的网站消失。我认为我们已经有太多的社会性网络网站,My SpaceFace Book,和很多其他类似的网站。Iyomu就是这种网站的一个,它提供一个免费的空间让用户建立自己的档案、搜索与自己兴趣相同的人、与他人交流,以及创建自己的工作间。在你注册后你可以得到1GB的免费空间,可以用来储存你的文件、相片、视频、邮件和音乐。如果你对它感兴趣的话可以去试试。

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