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Set Up Home Page With Multi-Sites In Firefox

I do not about you but I like set a website for my home page in Firefox, that makes always open that site when I open Firefox. But most people only set up one site for their home page, actually you can set more sites, and it is very easy to do that, you can add | into between different web address. Just follow steps below:

* File menu > tools > options.

* click on the Main tab.

* In the Home Page TextBox, Type like that: | |

* click OK.

All done. It will open these three sites when you open Firefox, this tip only for Firefox.

我不知道你是如何,我喜欢在Firefox里设定一个网站为浏览器主页,这样每次当你打开Firefox时就可以直接打开该网站。但是,大多数人只设定一个网站为主页,其实在Firefox中可以设定多个网站为主页,这样就可以同时打开多个网站。而且设定非常简单,只要在不同的网址间添加 | 即可。如下面的步骤所示:

* 打开Firefox,在主工具窗口上点工具,然后选选项

* 选主窗口

* 在主页条里可以输入如: | |

* 最后点OK


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