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Link Bunch, A Easy Way To Share Links is a simple web service that lets you put multiple links into one small link (page), so you can easy to share it with your friends. It is really simple, just put your web links onto a text box, click Bunch button. It will show you another page with your multi-links, and also offers this single page's address. You can copy this address or send to other people, or click Open Entire Bunch, it will open all links once time.

Linkbun.ch是一个简单的网络服务网站,它让你输入多个网址而转为一个网址(网页),这样你就可以非常容易地与他人分享。它非常简单,只是将网址输入文字框,然后点击Bunch按钮。它会显示另一个网页,上面有你输入的那些网址,并给你这个网页的地址,你可以拷贝这个网址然后发送给你想分享的人。你也可以点击Open Entire Bunch,它会一次打开所有你先前输入的那些网站。

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