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Quick Download File From Rapidshare

I know many people like download files from some file hosting site, such as Rapidshare or Megaupload, but these sites are limited free users to download file. If you want download quick maybe you need pay for it. Multidl is a web service that allows you use its premium account to download quickly. You can pick which host you want to download first, after change a page you can click Generator your link. You need copy a public key into a bar, then insert the URL you wish to download. Click Get your file now, you are downloading file now. But this service also has some limited, also hard to find a download bar, too much ads with it. I did try but failure.

我知道不少人喜欢从一些文件寄放网站上下载东西,如RapidshareMegaupload,但这些网站对免费用户有所限制。如果你想快速下载文件的话就需要支付一笔费用。Multidl是一个网络服务网站,它可以让你分享这些文件寄放网站上的付费账户来快速下载文件。你可以选择从哪个网站上下载,在另一个页面上点击Generator your link,你需要拷贝一个公共码,然后输入你要下载的网址。点Get your file now,现在你已经下载文件了。但是这个网站有一些限制,而且很难发现下载按钮,太多的广告。我试了一下没有成功。


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