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Imagery, A New Image Search Engine

Imagery is an image search engine, that allows you search pictures on web as other image search, but it little bit different: you can set up how many pictures display on first page that you like, default display image is 20, but you can set 40 or 100. If you want show more pictures you can click on Next images button, also you can set how many pictures display you wanted. The nice point is to click single picture that will display on the bottom of page, that can zoom in or out. So you do not need open another window to see original picture. Of course, it has option to open original website or picture on another window. I am always interesting about search engine, it is never enough for me. This search site only works with Firefox.

Imagery是一个图片搜索引擎,它可以让你象使用其他的图片搜索引擎那样搜索网络上的图片,但它有点与从不同:你可以设定在首页上显示图片的数量,默认的显示数量是20张,不过你可以设定位40或100张。如果你想搜索更多的图片,可以点击Next images按钮,当然也可以设定你想要显示的图片数量。它有一个非常不错的功能是点击单个图片,它会在页面的下方显示该图片,而且可以放大或缩小。这样你就不需要打开另一个窗口来看原来的图片。当然,它也有选项来让你打开另一个窗口来访问原来的网站或图片。我总是对搜索引擎感兴趣,它对我来说永远不够。这个图片搜索网站只适用于Firefox。

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