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Online Cool Text Generator

Internet is a magic, it has a lot of useful information and web tools for you. As my blog name Living Online, we are living on internet, we use it, and it makes most things are simple and easier.

If you have a blog or website maybe this online web tool just for you. Cool Text is an online tool that helps you make nice text logo or buttons for your website. It is a free service, and also easy to use, only thing you need to do just choose a your favorite thing from its model, type your text and pick your color, click generator. All done, you can download and put it on your site. It is a nice web tool.

Cool Text also has over 1,200 fonts available for download or use with the generator.

英特网是一个奇妙的东西,它有很多有用的资讯和网络工具可以使用。如我的blog所说的Living Online,我们都生活在网络中,我们使用它,而它让很多事变的简单和容易。

如果你有网站或blog的话,也许这个工具非常适合你。Cool Text是一个在线工具,它可以帮助你制作网站中所需要的、非常不错的文字图标或按钮。它是一个免费服务网站,而且非常容易使用,你所需要做的是从它的模版中选择你喜欢的东西,输入文字,挑选颜色,然后按下制作按钮即可。完成后你就可以下载并把它放在你的网站上。这是一个非常不错和实用的工具。

另外,Cool Text还有超过1200种字体可供下载和制作文字图标。


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